What You Can Expect


When seeking assistance, you can expect to meet with a case manager to complete Centralized Intake and Assessment. The Intake process helps determine your eligibility for homeless services. If eligible for services, you will work with your case manager to develop a service plan, which is a guide to achieving permanent housing placement. We will connect you with the services necessary to address any barriers you may have to maintaining that housing independently. If ineligible, we will help connect you with other supports throughout the community.

Referring Agencies/Partners/Community Members 

When referring a person or family to the Coalition for services, you can expect to speak with a case manager who will assist you in navigating the referral process. We will work to connect the client to our Centralized Intake and Assessment as quickly as possible. The Intake assessment helps determine which programs and services the client is eligible for and which will best meet their immediate and long-term housing needs. Clients will receive a form indicating whether or not they are eligible for services, along with a Community Resource Guide. 


When working with our organization to house individuals and families, you can expect to receive a strong support system to ensure a successful tenancy for the client. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive landlord packet, inspection of the unit prior to lease signing, a detailed schedule of financial assistance including a projected end date, and regular home visits during the client’s enrollment to ensure they’re stabilized in their new environment and getting the support they need. 


When choosing our organization for volunteer work, you can expect your skills and gifts to aid in our mission of permanently ending homelessness for those we serve. We have numerous volunteering opportunities which range from direct service work and community planning to program administration. These opportunities are provided for each volunteer to find their niche within the housing and supportive services programs the organization offers. 


When selecting the Coalition for your gift giving, you are supporting an organization who continues to successfully meet strict goals and outcomes for resolving local homelessness. Your donation will assist in supplying the organization and the people we serve with the resources necessary to incite real and meaningful change, leading to long-term independence and stability. Contributions are tax deductible and support a wide variety of activities that ensure the continued provision of services.