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Coalition & American Lung Assoc. Team Up Against Smoking

On November 18, 2010, the Greater Wheeling Coalition for the Homeless hosted a Smoking Cessation seminar, sponsored by the American Lung Association. Pam Wilson, Regional Tobacco Prevention Coalition Coordinator of the American Lung Association, conducted a 3-hour, eye-opening presentation at the Coalition for some local smokers.

Special guest speaker was Mr. David Briles, a former marine who became addicted to smoking in the service, survived throat cancer, radiation treatment, cancer recurrence and a subsequent tracheotomy. He told quite a compelling and inspirational story. Ms. Wilson presented additional personal testimonies, industry facts and treated those in attendance to a graphic demonstration of the difference between a healthy set of lungs and those of a smoker. Participants were able to see and feel the difference for themselves.

In addition to the useful information, those in attendance were treated to lunch and goody bags full of literature, a CD and other unique stop-smoking items.