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FY2017 Continuum of Care Program NOFA Announcement

FY17 CoC Program NOFA Released

As the lead agency for the Northern Panhandle Continuum of Care (NPCoC), the Greater Wheeling Coalition for the Homeless is announcing the release of the FY2017 Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Competition (CoC Program Competition) by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

A complete copy of the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA), which governs the competition can be found at

Interested parties should read the NOFA in its entirety in conjunction with the CoC Program interim rule (24 CFR part 578) in order to ensure a comprehensive understanding of, and compliance with, all CoC Program requirements. In consideration of the policy priorities established in this NOFA, and in conjunction with local priorities, this funding is currently used in the NPCoC for renewal projects which provide centralized intake and assessment of people who are homeless, permanent housing for people with disabilities, and local Continuum planning duties.

Renewal/Current CoC Funded Projects

Based on NPCoC project reviews, two renewal projects currently exist. After an initial review of renewal projects based on performance and local priorities, the CoC has determined through an objective scoring process that the renewal projects will to be submitted in the FY17 application to HUD. Both renewal projects have been determined to be high performing and do not qualify for reallocation during the FY17 competition. The ranking and review committee will officially rank the renewals in the coming weeks.

Opportunity for New Permanent Housing (PH) Bonus Project

In FY17, HUD has made available funding for new PH bonus project(s), for $38,437 to the NPCoC.

In order to apply for new PH bonus funding, all new projects must submit a full project application in accordance with this NOFA (see deadlines below) in esnaps no later than 8/28/17. To fully adhere to and implement responsibilities listed in the NPCoC Community Strategic Plan to End Homelessness, such as maintaining CoC-wide matching practices, new project applications will agree to receive funds as a sub-recipient of the Greater Wheeling Coalition for the Homeless in the event funding is approved through HUD. This decision was made with guidance from the Technical Assistance Center and in conjunction with HUD’s preferences. Please note all new applicants must undergo a ranking and review process by an impartial committee after a determination that the threshold requirements have been met.

As stated above, the NPCoC has available $38,437 for new permanent housing bonus project(s) in the FY17 CoC Program competition. The following outlines the eligible project component types and eligible populations to be served:

  • Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) with 100% of beds designated to DedicatedPLUS (see definition in FY17 CoC Program NOFA)
  • Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) with 100% of beds dedicated to people experiencing chronic homelessness
  • Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) (see criteria in FY17 CoC Program NOFA) or
  • Joint Transitional Housing and Rapid Re-Housing (TH-RRH) project.

Internal CoC Competition Deadlines

In adherence to provisions at 24 CFR 578.9, the NPCoC is implementing the following internal competition deadlines for the FY17 Competition process, These deadlines are intended to meet the standards outlined in Section VII.A.2.d. of the FY17 CoC Program NOFA.

NPCoC Local Competition Deadlines:

1. All NPCoC project applications are required to be submitted in full on eSnaps at no later than August 28, 2017.

2. The NPCoC will notify all project applicants who submitted their project applications to the NPCoC by the August 29 deadline, in writing and outside of e-Snaps, whether their project application(s) will be accepted and ranked on the CoC Priority Listing, rejected, or reduced by the CoC no later than September 13, 2017.

3. All parts of the FY2017 CoC Program Competition Application for the NPCOC will be made publically available on the NPCoC website by September 26, 2017 by the Greater Wheeling Coalition for the Homeless, in order to meet the FY2017 application deadline.

4. The FY17 CoC Program application including the Consolidated Application and Project Priority list will be submitted to HUD via esnaps no later than September 28, 2017.